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Grow, Cook, Eat

Two summers ago, I worked with my friend Willi Galloway and photographer Jim Henkens to style a photo shoot for Willi’s book, Grow, Cook, Eat. You may remember that I posted some behind-the-scenes images from that shoot here. Well Willi’s book came out at the beginning of this year and is already on its third printing! It’s a beautiful book with helpful gardening tips for growing all kinds of fruits and veggies and recipes for eating all parts of the plants. I could not be more proud of my friend and encourage you all to pick up a copy at your local Anthropologie, West Elm, Williams Sonoma, Amazon and select local bookstores.

gardening book by Willi Galloway prop styling by Finch & Thistle

Published: Styling Willi

Monday was one of the hottest days to-date in our bizarre Seattle summer so when I got a chance to style my friend Willi’s book cover shoot over on cooler Bainbridge Island, I jumped at the chance. Willi is a master gardener and expert cook who hosts the website She has a weekly gardening show on KUOW (Tuesdays, 10am) and is the West Coast editor for Organic Gardening magazine. The shoot would be the for the cover of her new book, coming out sometime in 2012.

We rode over on the ferry laden down with props and outfits galore – vintage baskets, buckets, wire racks, crates and piles and piles of gorgeous produce – the temperature dropping steadily as we got further and further from the city.
grow, cook, eat book shoot
After a quick pit stop at the Winslow market to meet our photographer, Jim Henkens, we headed to the southwest tip of the island to our shoot location, Octavia Chambliss’ beautiful garden.  Octavia is a garden designer based on Bainbridge and she had kindly offered up her garden for the shoot even though she herself would be away on vacation.  It was a stunning location. Imagine an immaculate perennial garden with a large vegetable garden tucked inside, a weathered picket fence and cottage gate leading to a tiny, vintage soccer field and public beach. The Bremerton ferry made hourly passes through the landscape and the sun dropped gently down behind some trees. It couldn’t have been more idyllic, or more Pacific Northwest, if it tried (although a surfacing Orca would have made for an awesome shot!)

I got busy unpacking the props while Jim and Willi scouted out the best spots in the garden. Then it was time to get to work. Here are some “behind the scenes” shots from that afternoon…

grow, cook, eat book shoot tomatoesPutting my prop styling (and photography) skills to the test. Conclusion: kind of like flowers, just tastier.
seattle prop stylist

seattle prop stylist finch and thistleWith Jim’s reflective light panels all set up, it was time to begin!seattle prop stylist grow, cook, eat

A close up of that fabulous blue table was enough to make anyone hungry.

Willi Galloway book styling

Grow, cook, eat shoot

We picked these herbs and peaches fresh from Octavia’s garden. grow, cook, eat book shoot

sweet peas image

A few head shots for publicity…
Willi Galloway grow, cook, eat

And my personal favorite shot – earwigs in the peaches!
Willi Galloway peach

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