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Canlis Dinner Party

As I’m currently in hospital due to some complications with my pregnancy, I figured now is as good a time as any to go through all the professional pictures from our events last year and refresh the portfolio and blog (unreliable internet connection allowing). This dinner party was thrown in honor of a client’s 60th birthday and as friends and family were being flown in from around the country, we wanted to make sure the 60′ King’s table was appropriately lavish but still maintained a wilder, Pacific NW look. The linens were from Choice and the beautiful images are by Stephanie Cristalli.

finch_thistle_event_design_stephanie_cristalli_canlis_dinner_1 finch_thistle_event_design_stephanie_cristalli_canlis_dinner_7 finch_thistle_event_design_stephanie_cristalli_canlis_dinner_2 finch_thistle_event_design_stephanie_cristalli_canlis_dinner_8 finch_thistle_event_design_stephanie_cristalli_canlis_dinner_11 finch_thistle_event_design_stephanie_cristalli_canlis_dinner_6 finch_thistle_event_design_stephanie_cristalli_canlis_dinner_9 finch_thistle_event_design_stephanie_cristalli_canlis_dinner_10 finch_thistle_event_design_stephanie_cristalli_canlis_dinner_5 finch_thistle_event_design_stephanie_cristalli_canlis_dinner_3 finch_thistle_event_design_stephanie_cristalli_canlis_dinner_8a

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