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the trouble with terrariums

I love to garden and I live in the right part of the country to grow just about anything. But what if you yearn for lush green foliage and you live in the middle of the AZ desert? The solution is a terrarium: tiny gardens filled with succulents or woodland plants, moss, stones or orchids.

I have noticed a trend in recent months of the growing popularity of terrariums. In fact, they are everywhere, popping up in hotel lobbies, restaurants and garden shops. I love them so much that I used them as centerpieces for a recent event on a boat. They are easy to make, easy to keep alive and can provide a little oasis in an urban apartment. Here’s a little step by step guide:

1. Find a clear glass container. It can be anything- a vase, jam jar, low dish- but it has to be clear glass. Frosted or patterned glass won’t let in enough light.
2. Fill the bottom with a 3/4 in layer of gravel and add a little gardening charcoal (available at any garden center)
3. Play with the design of your plants before planting them in some potting soil. Remember that the plants will grow so you need to allow some room for that.
4. Voila! A finished terrarium. Keep in bright light and water once a month. Easy!

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