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Kay & Matt contd…

Kay sent me a link to her wedding pictures and I am blown away by how beautiful they are. She also included this lovely note:

I wanted to take a few moments to write a note of praise for the work that you did for our wedding. The flowers were beautiful, and in addition to the fact that they were more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, everyone who attended our wedding and those who’ve seen pictures since have remarked at how stunning the flowers were. You managed to combine the style elements that we’d talked about in our meetings and added your own personal style to the pieces which, believe me, helped me immensely :). The bouquets held up perfectly during the very warm day and despite our selection of a classic white/cream color scheme, looked vibrant and springy. Almost if not more important than the flowers themselves, you were truly a pleasure to work with, and I enjoyed talking through all our ideas together with you. Your professional knowledge and exposure from being in event planning helped to put me at ease amidst all the craziness of our wedding planning.

~Kay Lambert

Aren’t these pictures just gorgeous?
Courtesy of Leo Chen Photography (

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