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How to: Vintage cake platters

Vintage, garden chic is a popular look for weddings this year and is featured almost exclusively on blogs like Style Me Pretty and Once Wed. Vintage fabrics, cake plates and mason jars can be sourced at a premium on Ebay and Craigslist but somehow paying a fortune for something meant to give off a casual DIY feeling just doesn’t feel right. Here’s a fun idea that one of my brides and I came up with to create a vintage dessert display for her upcoming wedding.

What you’ll need:
Glass serving platters of varying sizes
Glass goblets, old fashioned ice cream glasses, ashtrays, or candle holders
Jam jars
Glass appropriate super glue

We found all our glass platters, goblets and Mason jars at the Seattle Goodwill but local flea markets, garage sales and estate sales are also a good place to look. Varying sizes and heights make for a more interesting display and we used different shades of blue glass for a fun twist.

This is such an easy project! First wash and dry all the glassware. Assemble everything on a table and play around with the different pieces. Try and put together a mix of high and low platters and experiment with turning the sundae glasses and goblets upside down to see which look you like best. When you’re pleased with how everything looks simply glue together the matching pieces with a thin line of super glue around the edge of the base piece. Be sure to center the base or your platters will topple when you put food on them!
Arrange a few blossoms in jam jars, add a couple of candles and voila! A vintage dessert display for less than $75!

dessert table 2
dessert table 3
dessert table 1

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