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Found Objects

Green and eco-friendly weddings are no longer a trend; they are an increasingly popular way to showcase a couple’s creativity in a recession. Brides everywhere are looking to spend their budgets wisely and an everlasting centerpiece is a frugal and easy way to go.

As I was spring cleaning yesterday, it occured to me that my house is filled with items that could easily double as cheap but elegant centerpieces. Found objects in glass fishbowls, orchid plants in silver julep cups and succulents planted in Japanese noodle bowls can all be found in various nooks of my house and each of these ideas cost under $15 to put together!

As you plan your wedding or special event, take a look around your home, your garden, your local park to see what you might have lying around that can play a part in your big day. Glass lanterns in your backyard? Fairy lights in your attic? Breakfast bowls to use as vases? Moss covered branches? Baskets? All can be repurposed for your big day, stunning your friends with your creativity and leaving you a little extra money for that honeymoon…

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